Say YES to NOAA!

Okay, so maybe Noah didn’t have a NOAA Chart, but for sailors, mariners, and recreational boaters, the NOAA Chart is still the best tool for navigating.

We say this in light of tremendous improvements in electronic navigational systems which are proving more popular all the time.

But if the electricity should fail, a friendly paper chart is always welcome on board.

And on shore, we can take a client’s favorite nautical chart and create a stunning mural for the home or office. Best of all, our murals are custom-made to fit your wall. This means we can design your mural to avoid a key feature from “hiding” or being cut out of anything on the wall, such as a window, medicine cabinet or even a sconce.

Alessandro Living Room 2.JPG

Does that sound complicated?  Well, to be frank, sometimes mural design does get a bit confusing.  This is why you want to work with us; mural design is what we have been doing for twelve years now – so that our client’s role is manageable. You do the measuring; we’ll do the rest.

Most of our clients sketch their wall and the height and width measurements on graph paper, snap a picture with their smartphone and text it to us at 801-367-7945, along with their favorite NOAA chart number. We will do some preliminary layouts for you at no charge, send them to you and discuss your project with you on the phone shortly thereafter.

Are you ready to make your wall a masterpiece?  Give us a chance to show you how; drop us an email at or call/text us at 801-367-7945.