Spring Forward with a Mural for Your Home or Office

Are you the kind of person who thinks that spring is the best time year? Where I live, springtime thrives as all the fruit trees are in blossom, and the trees are alive with white, pink, and lavender. It only lasts a little while, so drop what you are doing and at least get some photos while nature’s fireworks display lasts.

Besides blossoms, daffodils, tulips, and other early-blooming flowers make their appearance. Here is a photo of the Tulip Festival going on now in Skagit County Washington.

The key to a good mural is to begin with a good photo.  Don’t even think of saving a photo off the Internet, because in almost every case, the best you will find is 72 dpi.  What you want for enlarging is at least 300 dpi, and 400 dpi or more is better and will diffuse less when enlarged.

So dust off that camera and plan on filling your memory card or film case with some large-data photos.

If you occasionally shoot with actual film instead of digital, this is the time to spend some money on film.  Then when the photography is finished,  you can enlarge your favorite shot into a mural with a little help from Nautical Chart Wallpaper.  Yes, nautical charts are our mainstay, and we will continue to make murals from favorite nautical charts, but we do other murals too, and the riotous colors of spring can really bring a room to life as a mural. 

So send your favorite one to us, and you will have captured spring year-‘round -- on your wall!