Want a Good Price? You Have Our At-"Ten"-Sion!

In the twelve years since we opened in 2004, there have been a lot of changes in our business.  Most of those changes have been in the area of technology, and we can do much more for our clients now than we did back in 2004.

But one thing has not changed: Our pricing is the same as it was in 2004, just $10 per square foot.

We think that is quite an accomplishment. Whether you call it a ten-dollar bill, a sawbuck, an Allie-Ham, a double-fin – the $10 still pays for a square foot of the finest wall covering money can buy. So while the $10 bill used to look like this:

And in 2006 it was changed to look like this:

. . . it still buys you a custom-made mural of your favorite nautical chart wallpaper enlarged on professional-grade wallpaper to fill your wall at home or at the office.

And while we used to charge for shipping in 2004, nowadays we ship anywhere in the US for free.

So if you are thinking about making a splash with a mural of your favorite chart or map – even a favorite photo – we are here to help.  Just give us a call at 801-367-7945 and visit with us about your project.  And when you call, you won’t hear a telephone menu to follow and you will get to visit with a live human being; probably me! 

Imagine that! A real person to talk with! Now that’s something you don’t find very often these days!