The View You Cannot Afford

   This week I made a presentation to my Kiwanis Club about Nautical Chart Wallpaper, its history and our products.  I used a PowerPoint presentation to show photos of the creative work of my clients, which include sailors, homeowners, interior designers and decorators.  Clearly, our company has come a long way since we first started in 2004!.

   After the meeting, Mary Jo Kringas, a member of Kiwanis, visited with me about my presentation. She was particularly interested in murals with local views of our area -- which are spectacular; after all, we are a resort community where thousands of visitors come annually to experience Lake Coeur d’Alene.  Some play golf on our famous golf course with the floating green.  Others sail, swim, paddle, and sunbathe or just relax and enjoy the amazing views.

  Mary Jo lives in a condo at the water’s edge.  But she notes that those units on the water side are two to three times as expensive as the same size units on the side with a territorial view.  She pointed out that a scenic mural can actually be the affordable option of enjoying the magnificent scenery this area affords without having to afford the view.  Now this is the part where Mary Jo really got my attention.  She said such a scenic mural is really “the view you can’t afford.”

   So what is your view that you cannot afford? A shoreline of a favorite lake, river, or ocean? A verdant forest? How about a view of the city you are planning to retire to someday – or the hometown where you grew up?

   What we see, think about, and hold dear is our treasure. 

   A mural from Nautical Chart Wallpaper is a way to capture this treasure, making the priceless image “the view you can’t afford , well, affordable!  Thus,the resort atmosphere you love outside can be brought inside --  to the walls within your home.   

   Give us a call.  Share your dream.  We’ll create a colorful mural for your favorite wall and ship it to you free.