Give me land, lots of land . . .

This is part two of Carol Orr's mural.  This one is installed above their main fireplace. Carol wanted a nice mural of Long Island Sound, both the Connecticut side and the Long Island New York side.

The problem was, NOAA made the chart with very little land north of the sound. You can see that in the first illustration. But to make the mural work for Carol, she needed more land. Why? Because she had some big beams above the fireplace and a large vent above the fireplace. If she did not have more land, the shoreline areas would disappear in the beams and the vent.

So we re-created the chart with more land.  Note too, that we took the map insets and informative text out of the chart. We also moved the NOAA cartouche and "Approaches to New York" down so that it would be more visible to the viewer.

With that, we were ready to put the mural into print. Here is the final masterpiece.  

The take-home message from Nautical Chart Wallpaper is that we can think AND work outside the box (and the boundaries of a chart)!