Smooth Moves

Our Client, Ryan Diez had an interesting problem. He loved the Chesapeake Bay nautical chart, and wanted it to be enlarged to a mural for his bathroom wall. We did the layout for him showing him where the window would be located, and the bathroom sink/cabinet would be with gold, transparent rectangles.  The red line was the height-to-width ratio of his wall.

We moved things around a little, but what you see in this layout was what we printed.

Except that, Ryan really liked the NOAA cartouche, including the seals for the Chesapeake Bay.  Unfortunately, they were found where the sink/cabinet would be located and therefore would be cut out.

But we are all about giving our clients exactly what they want! To accomplish this, we used our graphics program to move the catouche in our graphics program to a higher, more visible place.  We also digitally redrew longitude and latitude lines over the land area to provide context. (Evidently NOAA doesn't extend latitude or longitude lines over landforms as it is extremely difficult to navigate a boat on land.)

The result was just what Ryan wanted, and you can see his handiwork here.

The take-home message is that we can do the same for you.  Remember that we also do topographical maps and satellite murals for our friends who do not live near a navigable body of water that NOAA would choose to chart.  Let us know your ideas, and we will help you create a mural precisely like you want.  Call us anytime with your thoughts, questions, or inquiries.