Best of Fall?

Imagine our delight when we had a phone call this month.  The caller said they saw our "ad" in the Best of Fall edition of Southern Living Magazine. Actually, we did not place an ad, so we ran down to the nearby Barnes and Noble to pick up the magazine. Sure enough, on page 40, there we were, in all our nautical chart mural glory!  Best of all, the author put our website address into the article, and we have had quite a inquiries as a result.

As it turns out, one of our clients, Elizabeth Coles, submitted an article to Southern Living Magazine, and she did a great job of showing off her decorating work which includes - ahem - us!

So here is an idea for our past clients, both professional decorators and amateur decoraters alike. Why not take some pictures of your nautical chart wallpaper project and submit them with your written description and decorating tips to your favorite magazine, such as Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, etcetera? We both can bask in some mutual fame!

Let's start your next magazine article with a great nautical chart mural for your home or office! We have a hot lead on where you can get a nautical chart mural!