the magic number is . . . 53?

   Our many world cultures have determined, or just believe that a number of, well,l numbers seem a bit magic, or lucky. Three or Seven for example. 11. (Seven-Eleven if you want a Big Gulp is also magical!)  But there are also numbers 21, 40, and some say 23 is a lucky number. 

  However, if you are into wallpaper, 53 is a WONDERFUL and magical number as it is the size of width in inches of wallpaper onto which many commercial wallpapering jobs are prepared.  In fact, I’ve taken to carrying a tape measure whenever I go out of the office or home just in case I see something on a wall worth measuring, and see if it is comprised of 53 inch panels.

   On a recent business trip to western Washington, by chance I checked into a hotel that had their rooms decorated in black and white murals.  Sure enough, they are each 53 inches wide.  

   Now these images are not my work, but they are excellent ideas of how you can use a 53” mural to bring the room alive – even in black and white!

   As you can see, they made headboards mounted on the wall and “framed” with black wood pieces to create the headboards for these double beds.

   Golly! If they only used Nautical Chart Wallpaper, just image how better the room would have looked with giant charts or maps!  Just kidding a bit.  These pictures were sharp and really upgraded what otherwise would be a plain, hotel room. If it were my choice, I would have used a black and white bedspread to complete the decorating theme, but that’s just me.  Point is, 53” looks great as a headboard! 

   And remember, they are both printed, all in one piece, without seams.

   So is “53” your lucky number? Text me some pictures of your home or office to 801-367-7945 and/or give me a call and let’s find out together!