Taking Imagination beyond the rectangle

Hat’s off to Steve Barker who had a great idea for his room.  Steve has a great view of Provincetown Massachusetts from his window across the bay.  What could be more natural than to put a nautical chart wallpaper mural of Provincetown on the very wall opposite of that window with the amazing view?

But the perfect wall for Steve is irregular in shape!

For many, the thought would not cross one’s mind to put a rectangular mural on a wall with such a pronounced peak.  But Steve did, and in the case of NOAA Chart 13249, the peninsula actually accents the peak of the wall, lifting the observer’s eyes upward.  A splendid effect, to say the least.

So do you have a pitched ceiling? An unusual wall than needs something extra besides another boring coat of paint?  There just might be a perfect image within a nautical chart to make your décor as stunning as Steve’s.

Give us a call, and we’ll show you how to make an irregular wall “irregularly spectacular!”