Seamless Imagination

The fact of life is that regardless the size of your printer, there is a wall that is bigger than what you can print in a single sheet.  So even if we print wide rolls - and we can go up to 53 inches wide - there usually will be a seam required somewhere.

Unless . . .

You may not need a floor-to-ceiling mural, because you want to have wainscoting below your mural, or a chair rail. This could mean that your height above the chair rail/wainscoting to the ceiling could be 53 inches or less.  If that is the case and you eschew seams, you are in luck!  

Although we are limited to the width of 53" there is NO limit to the length of your mural. All you need is a quality image and you can install your mural without a seam and create an amazing mural of a continuous scene.  

Here's a hand-painted mural in Trader Joe's in Spokane, Washington.  Beautiful work and it features many of the scenic wonders of Spokane painted by a talented painter.  

But what if the image was a continuous scene of a towns attractions, painted or photographed? If high quality images can be strung together, then scanned, we can help stores, civic attractions, homes and offices have a mural that can be installed without a seam.

We simply print the mural sideways, and the client installs it sideways.  Of course it takes a few extra hands to help the paperhanger with the installation, but this is a very clever way to have a huge mural without a seam.