Rectangles, not "wrecked angles!"

Okay, I’m stretching the word play of this blog title here, but here is one reason why Nautical Chart Wallpaper does a better job than most custom-made wallpaper competitors: We work rectangles to our client’s advantage.

It is a fact of life that wallpaper MUST be printed in rectangles.

But not all walls are rectangular!

So what happens when your mural wall has a door on the side, or you are trying to make a mural on a stairwell wall?  Does it mean that we have to waste about a third of the whole mural in order to fit a mural on a staircase?

In this illustration, the green line shows the angle of the staircase, with the area of the mural above the line.  All the area below the green line would be waste – about 1/3 of the total order! 

That is pretty much what our competition would end up doing.  You buy the whole mural as a big rectangle and the waste is your problem.

But our approach is to work the rectangles to minimize the waste.  Here’s how we worked to solve the same problem.

As a result, we saved the client 12.19 square feet, by producing three panels of varying length.  This approach amounted to a $121.90 savings on the mural order.

What about murals with a door on the side?  We simply make the rectangle above the door match the mural to one side – a very short mural, if you will.

But it saves about 21 square feet on the average size door - $210.00 savings.

Custom wall murals are indeed more expensive that old-fashioned, repeat pattern wallpaper.  However there is much we can do to save your money and yet produce a striking mural of your favorite nautical chart. 

You just have to have all the right angles, er, rectangles!