Do You Have Space for a Mural? How about Space as a Mural?

Today, April 24, 2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope.  On this day, in April 1990, the Hubble Telescope was launched into space to explore the wonders of deep space.  Without the filtering atmosphere and light pollution of earthly telescopes, Hubble promised to bring images back home that were never before seen.

Hubble did not disappoint.  And that is an understatement!  The images it has returned are fabulous and nothing short of amazing.  Please take the time to treat yourself to a four-minute movie of what Hubble has done for space exploration.   

NASA has been very good to share these images without copyright protection so that we can print out some of these photographs for ourselves.

So this week we at Nautical Chart Wallpaper are giving a respectful salute to those who chart the heavens.  We are offering an opportunity to make a custom-made mural for your wall of your favorite Hubble image.

On top of it all, we are offering a $50 discount through the end of May for those who order a NASA Hubble image wall mural for their home or office.

Here is how to get started. Go to

There you will find step-by-step instructions on how to download images and print them.  But you don’t have to do all that.  Just check out your favorite picture from the Hubble gallery found at: .

When you see the picture you want, just hover your mouse over your image and the name of the picture will appear.  Just write the name of the image exactly as it appears and email it to us along with the height and width of your wall. 

We’ll download the image on our end and work with you to create a mural to custom-fit your wall.  

Hubble can give us the galaxies; but a NASA mural can make you a decorating star!