"Raising the Bar" With Better Mural Wallpaper

One of my favorite television shows is Bar Rescue.  If you haven’t seen it, the show is pretty much the same each week, but with a new bar to be rescued.  First, Jon Taffer arrives at the bar and sees several things seriously wrong with it.  Then he screams at the owner and threatens to not come back unless things are clean.  Next he calms down and addresses the staff and tells them there’s a “stress test” that night.  The bar fails the stress test.  More training and new drink recipes and new food entrees ensue.  Then the remodeling.  Now the bar staff is outside.  Taffer says, Are you ready to see your new bar? Then we count 1,2,3, and all turn around to see the new bar.  But first a commercial break!  Now we finally get to see what Taffer had in mind. 

The new bar unveiling is the best part of the show, so if you want to skip the angst and go to the best part of the show, pick it up with 10 minutes left in the program.

New bar, new mural, Is that the Atlantic behind the shine?

But during the “Beach Rats” show in West Hollywood, Florida, (Season 4, Episode 13) I thought the bar needed a “mural rescue.” The bar decorating was a clever pirate theme, with the centerpiece -- a mural of a nautical map of the Atlantic.

The huge map was colorful and gorgeous, except for one thing.  Can you guess what by looking at the picture above?  See it? If not, look at the picture below:

You are correct sir, and madam!  The map was extremely reflective – to the point where picking up the details of the map in certain areas was nearly impossible due to the reflection of the bar’s lighting.

You should have called Nautical Chart Wallpaper, Jon.  Here is just one reason why:

We do most of our nautical charts with a wall covering called DreamScape, which is a professional grade paper, thicker and with a vinyl surface.  The vinyl surface makes it easy to clean and works well in high-moisture rooms.  But vinyl sounds shiny right?  Nope, our product has a matte finish and does not reflect light like the Pirate Bar did.

There are also a variety of other DreamScape papers, with texture, if our clients prefer. Some textures are Suede, Paper Mache, Carretta (sort of a leather-like texture), Pueblo – a smoother stucco texture, and Plaster.  However, 99 percent of our clients like the matte vinyl.

However for our clients who really want their walls to shine with luster, there is a DreamScape paper called . . . Luster!  It does reflect light, but not nearly as much as Taffer’s bar!

So here is the take-home message:  When you are doing custom wallpaper, don’t take shortcuts on the paper!  Consult with us on a variety of wallpaper textures and we will help you find the right one for your home or office.

Make your own mural dreams come true – with a nautical chart mural made with DreamScape!