We Cover the world with nautical chart wallpaper

For the past 12 years, my customers have been primarily from the United States, and most of them have been on the east coast, from Maine to Florida.

Lately, however, I’ve had a number of orders come from outside the US.  Maybe it is time to talk about how we work with our international clients as compared to the US customers.

First, if you are in the continental United States, shipping is free.  If you live anywhere else, we need to add shipping to your order.  To make that easy for you, give us your complete address including postal code, and we’ll give you a firm cost on shipping.

The other challenge is getting your chart image to us without mailing large charts, and paying for costly shipping charges to do so.  Here is a great way to do so:

Right now, I’ve worked with a client in Sicily who wanted a chart of her sailing waters south of her island.  She had an old nautical chart which she scanned on a friend’s scanner and, via WeTransfer.com, she sent me a color image at 600 dpi for me to make into some wallpaper.  For those who do not know, WeTransfer.com is a free service for sending huge files – up to 2 gigs in size!  It really comes in handy when working with clients far, far away!

You can do the same. Once I receive your file, we clean up the image if needed, and prepare it for printing onto high-quality, professional-grade wallpaper. 

After the order is printed, all that is needed is to send it back to you, no matter where you live on Planet Earth.

Want to order a mural for your home or office?  Don’t let your international address stop you; we have delivered murals world-wide.