Don’t stop at “nautical” with Nautical Chart Wallpaper

   I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of my clients. Of course my focus is on nautical wallpaper design and how to best fit it on my clients’ walls.

  But my clients are thinking a couple of moves beyond the wallpaper.  Sort of how Minnesota Fats used to play pool; always looking a couple of turns ahead of the shot he is taking.

   In that spirit, I thought I’d share a couple of great ideas of theirs with you today. 

  The first one is courtesy of Rosemary Doty who is doing a major redesign of her powder room.  She did a wainscoting of white brick-like surface topped off with our nautical chart wallpaper of the lower Lake Michigan area.  This view, showing the lower portion of Lake Michigan stands out with an excellent porthole mirror and some three-braided line (or "rope" if you are a land-lubber!) framing the mirror.  That extra touch really stands out and is complimentary to the nautical chart enlargement on her wall.  She also designed the room so that each wall above the wainscoting is 53” high so that it can be printed without seams.

   The next view is courtesy of Travis Kinney of Gulfshore Design in Scarborough Maine.  As you can see, in this client’s bathroom the chart bends around the walls, but is enhanced with nautical lamps, a square porthole mirror, and a pedestal sink that shows off the chart behind it.  Maine has a fascinating layout of islands which this bathroom displays.

    In both bathrooms, the challenge is in getting the guests to leave it and come out to join the party!