Put Your Wall to Work!

Well, we have just celebrated Labor Day, and our thoughts bring us back to work once again – which is the theme of today’s article.

Have you heard people say of your décor, “that really works for me!” But they don’t REALLY mean that your aesthetic ambiance actually works, right? It is just an expression! Or IS it?

Actually a nautical chart mural can be a working chart.  On the “Introduction Page” of our website ( See http://www.nauticalchartwallpaper.com/introduction/ ) you see a nice wall chart of Lake Ontario, in an office setting. You might be interested to know that this chart is in the office of the government officials who monitor the Canadian border. This group is charged with watching for illegal entry into the US and for any smuggling activity that might take place in and around Lake Ontario. Thus, this chart is used to plan their strategy in making assignments to fulfill that challenging task. Indeed, it is a working mural!

But upon further thought, there are a number of government agencies, corporations, and organizations that might benefit from a chart.  Some ideas:

·        A Visitor’s Center could display a city map on their wall for out-of-town visitors

·        City Planners could use a detailed map of their city for a variety of uses

·        Emergency Responders, Fire and Police Stations could use a wallpaper mural for their deployment plans

·        Political maps are useful for planning elections, and get-out-the-vote strategy

Those are just a few ideas of many applications for our product. 

Is there a logical place for a working mural where you work? 

Please give us a call at 801-367-7945 as we have great ideas of how a “working mural” can be “employed” to benefit you!