Postcards From the Edge . . . of YOUR Wall!

Here is an idea that I want my clients to try!  Posting a postcard on their wall.  But not just any postcard; a GIANT one, that will grab everyone's attention and hold it!

There are a number of websites that specialize in selling old postcards on the web.  They might be historical, hysterical, or even histrionic, but the old cards do have a way of capturing the nostalgic view of simpler times.  Put your Google to work and see what you can find!

For a wall treatment, we recommend an enlargement of 4 feet high x 5 feet 8 inches or so.  With these dimensions, we do not need seams for the paper – just one roll of wall covering per giant postcard.  These cards can be adhered to the wall and placed either straight or at an angle for a more casual look.  Without matching seams, the postcard mural is easy to install!

We can even overlap some favorite cards a little bit for effect.

So what’s YOUR favorite place?  Chances are, there is an old postcard for you to claim and make into a splendid wall mural. 

Needless to say, we can help you!