Summering with the Vanderbilt's, kind of . . .

Allow me to begin with this observation: If anyone ever says that a nautical chart mural is way too campy for their taste, we now have a snappy comeback: A Nautical Chart Mural is very appropriate for the Vanderbilt's -- the Vanderbilt Carriage House, that is!  (See the story in my June 27th blog below.)

Kimberly Swan, the brilliant young woman from The Swan Agency Sotheby's International Realty, who organized this summer event in Bar Harbor Maine, said the response to the "chart room" was amazing.  Interior designers and decorators loved the concept and the chart mural itself.

Some mentioned how well the colors in the chart mural enhanced the decorating in the rest of the room. The subtle colors of a NOAA chart do seem to go with just about every decorating approach. This photo of the mural and room are evidence of that conclusion.

Now that the Showhouse event is at an end, we look forward to hearing from those who attended and wish to have a nautical chart mural of their own.  

By the way, August is almost over, summer is winding down, and this is the time that sailors will come back from the ocean, lakes, and rivers with plenty of stories of the Summer of '14. Why not capture these memories on a wall of your home or office with a nautical chart mural? Go to our Contact Page and fill out our short form.  Then we will talk about the possibilities for your home or office.