Soak up Your Images for a Mural

In the point-and-shoot world of cell phone photography, we have become accustomed to dealing with images that don't take up much space in memory.  The smaller the file, the better it is.  Small files are easier to email and post on the web.  

Photography outdoor.JPG

But there is one good reason that you should learn how to use your camera, digital or analog: to pack as much detail into a single photograph, so that you can create a photographic mural for your wall.

This is the time to get out your camera's manual and learn some of the settings to load up your photo with "mega-pixels"!  Forget the "S" "M" settings; you are going for "L" and maybe RAW + L.  For more information, consult the Settings and Image Quality pages of your camera manual.

Or you can use a quality analog image, if your camera works on film rather than pixels.  The larger the negative, the better the enlargement.

It may take some practice and research to get the image you want, but imagine the impact of having your favorite lake, seashore, or vacation spot prominently displaced on your wall.

With a little work, you can make your best memories into murals!