They put the "built" in Vanderbilt

You remember the Vanderbilts. 

How it all started with Cornelius Vanderbilt’s shipping and railroad empires that built amazing wealth during the last part of the nineteenth century.  The same Vanderbilts who lived on 5th Avenue in New York and built huge mansions? Had a University in Nashville named after them?


Well one of the favorite haunts of these Vanderbilts was Bar Harbor Maine where they built a mansion and  lived well under the tall pines of this coastal area. 

These days all that is left of their digs is the Carriage House, and this year, it is being remodeled then displayed to the public in a “Showhouse."  Thanks to the efforts of Kimberly Swan and several designers, the Carriage House will be ready for viewing in a matter of days.

Nautical Chart Wallpaper features a mural found in  Maine Home + Design' s July 2014 Issue

I’m happy to report that Nautical Chart Wallpaper is a proud participant in the Carriage House Showhouse.

As a bonus, Main Home + Design is doing some features on the Carriage House renovation and remodeling. This month, the magazine did a sneak preview of this ambitious effort. 

Our room will feature a nautical chart wall mural of the Bar Harbor area.  The Carriage House is located in the Hulls Cove area, just outside of the entrance to Acadia National Park.  In this excerpt from MH+D, you can see Hulls Cove just to the left a bit north of the compass rose on the chart mural in the upper left-hand corner.

So here’s a vacation tip. 

If you should be following in the footsteps of the Vanderbilts, and find yourself under the same tall pines that once sheltered this elite family, stop into the Carriage House from mid-July through August.  Take in a bit of Vanderbilt history along with some amazing interior designers and their work – including – ahem – Nautical Chart Wallpaper!