Things are looking up . . . with a ceiling mural!

Interior Designer Rebecca (Becky) Beck and her client Steph Swaikart came up with a great idea.  Why not do a mural of an 1886 artistic map of the British Empire?  And better yet, instead of mounting it on a wall, install it on the ceiling?

Just a few days ago, I received a photo from Becky showing the installation of that mural.  Other photos are coming, and I’ll put them on our webpage in the future.  This picture tells a story, and there is a lot to see in this mural which artfully depicts a boast made by George MaCartney in 1773.  George said, while reflecting on the British territorial acquisitions in the wake of the Seven Years’ War: “This vast empire on which the sun never sets, and whose bounds nature has not yet ascertained . . .”

Quite a colorful statement by George MaCartney AND a colorful eyeful for those who view this ceiling mural, dramatically capturing the "sun never sets" theme!

Such detailed ceiling art also brings to mind some other notable and lofty art such as:

The ceiling art inside the United States Capitol Dome . . .


A wild compass rose amid modern art on the ceiling of the Los Angeles Public Library is art you can look up to . . .


And the most famous ceiling of all, the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo. 

Honest, Michelangelo only used his fresco painting technique because custom murals by Nautical Chart Wallpaper had not yet been invented!

Anyway, cast your eyes upward to your own ceiling and dream a bit.  Whatever nautical chart, photograph or art you can imagine, we can create to fit your ceiling (or wall) for your home or office.  

And then call us soon, because you only have until April 15th to take advantage of our 10-year anniversary sale!