A New "Topo" of Converstion!

Throughout the past 11 years, we have made Nautical Chart Wallpaper murals for offices, restaurants, hotels, resorts, board rooms, and just about every room of the house that you can imagine.  We have kept colors as they appear on a NOAA chart, and have done color changes to match other decorating palettes – even changing colors to match a Benjamin-Moore or Ralph Lauren paint deck.

But despite the diverse applications of a nautical chart mural, there is one thing in common with ALL of them. 

All our clients want to be "in the picture” within each mural!

In other words, the client may have a home located on the chart, or perhaps a beach cottage – even a favorite childhood haunt or vacation spot.  After eleven years, I have yet to work with clients who want a mural of somewhere that they have never been.  Being in the picture – or mural – truly is the common denominator.

But what if you cannot be in the picture with a NOAA chart? 

Last week I had a client whose home was 15 miles off one of the Great Lakes.  When we looked at the NOAA chart that should have encompassed her home, the area was hidden by an inset of a harbor chart. This did not work for her.

So what do we do when NOAA doesn’t have a chart with “us” in it?  Well there is an answer!  Step away from NOAA and step toward USGS, the people who make topographic maps.  I can guarantee you that every corner of the country is included in a topographic map! 

Does the place you love not show up on a nautical chart?  Then a topo just might be right for you!

There are some interesting ways of getting a topographic map on your wall which I will address next week. 

Stay tuned.