Custom Wallpaper REQUIRES Custom Work!

I’d like to share an email from one of my clients.  Here it is:

The wall paper looks great and was easy to put up.  We love it! Thank you so much.  If you ever need a reference, please give our name.  
Cookie & Jim Gilliam

I’m delighted to get Cookie and Jim’s letter because it is wonderful to help a client create a mural that is precisely what they wanted.  Their mural was of the Charlotte Harbor and it was for their bathroom wall.

But the part I want to share with you is that this bathroom mural and the nautical chart it came from actually look significantly different. 

Look at this image scanned from the chart.  This is the exact area of nautical chart that the clients wanted on their wall.  However, note how the image is loaded with text and how the text boxes are cut in two.  Also the NOAA logo is chopped off on the left side. 

But we agreed to move things around, and we did so by sending layouts back and forth between the Gilliam's and Nautical Chart Wallpaper to get the image just right. This is the point where Kathryn Tyler, our Photoshop expert, got involved. 

You can see in this next photograph (courtesy of the Gilliam's) how Kathryn moved the textual elements to fit their wall  – and in some cases, deleted text – to aesthetically improve the mural.  Ms. Tyler also fixed tiny, graphic errors that sometimes occur in scanning, and other minor corrections to make the image a work of art.  You can get your nose right up to the wall and not see any evidence that Kathryn moved these features around to achieve this eye-appealing layout.

Of course the main credit goes to Cookie and Jim, who had a clear vision of what they wanted, and who really rolled up their sleeves in designing this mural.  Their role as designers is noted in the compass/world chart cartouche in the lower right-hand corner, where they were effectively able to “sign their work.”

Finally, I should say this: There are a few companies who have gotten into the business of custom wallpaper over the past few years, but it is safe to say that we are the only company who will restructure the image to precisely, custom-fit to the expectations of the client, as described here.  Color changes, image manipulation, special effects, etc., are what we do to satisfy the needs of the client. 

Are you ready to start on your mural?

Remember, we love to talk to people about their mural ideas whether they choose Nautical Chart Wallpaper to do their mural -- or not. 

Congratulations to Cookie and Jim for a magnificent design!