Feeling "Blue in a Good Way!

We have developed a great reputation over the past 11 years for quality nautical chart murals. But we are always looking for new ideas in nautical decoration.  

Blueprints are like nautical charts in a couple of ways. First, they contain an amazing amount of detail. Second, they look great on a wall, and bring a nice atmosphere to a room.

One difference between blueprints and NOAA nautical charts is this: NOAA charts have no copyright protection, where some blueprints do, especially the more recent ones. But if there are protection issues, it may be fairly easy to get permission to use the image for a one-time decoration. Sometimes all you have to do is ask the owner nicely, and say “please.” If that doesn't work, a modest check usually does the trick! If you have ever purchased a used car, you have all the skills you need to pull this off!

For sailboat enthusiasts, a blueprint mural is a great way to bring your sailboat into your office or home! Blueprints are an excellent way to show the quality of thought, engineering and beauty that went into your sailboat design!

But why stop there! Think of all the cool items that can be seen in a blueprint. How about Starship Enterprise for your kid’s room? Or the Titanic?  Maybe even the Brooklyn Bridge. Do an Google search for blueprints, then hit “images” and you will be surprised at all the ideas that come up.

And one last thought. If blue just isn’t your color, we can change out the blue in the blueprint to your favorite color. Just make sure it is dark enough to offer plenty of contrast to the white lines in the picture.

So are you feeling “blue” yet? Better give me a call (801-367-7945) and I will help you through it all with some decorating therapy!